Amazon and eBay occupy more than half of the European market share; Chinese and Russian e-commerce orders account for 70% of Russia’s total cross-border e-commerce volume

 Amazon and eBay share more than half of Europe's market share
       In 2020, sales of European cross-border e-commerce markets, including the UK, Switzerland and Norway, were 198.5 billion euros, of which 115.4 billion euros came from e-commerce platforms.Amazon and eBay have the largest sales of 115.4 billion euros, with 44.3 billion euros and 22.8 billion euros, respectively, accounting for more than half of the European market share.The rest of Amazon and eBay is accounted for by both European local and non-European e-commerce platforms, with sales of 22.3 billion yuan and 25.8 billion yuan, respectively.In addition, China's AliExpress (second place), Alibaba website (12th place) are also very popular among European consumers, ranking at the top. Db9 connector female, truck reflectors plastic and D-sub hood should be noted.
Amazon made an announcement on automatically removing inventory feature changes

Recently, Amazon US station called preparing for 2021 "holiday sales season", to create more storage space, Amazon launched automatic remove old inventory new options, automatically remove old inventory can help sellers save long-term storage costs, improve inventory performance index score, make room for more best-selling inventory.Amazon expanded to automatically clear stale inventory and added value recovery options.The seller can recover the value of the above old inventory through the clearing options; using the latest value recovery option, the product is liquidated through the wholesale liquidator.The net recovery amount of the liquidation product is then transferred to the seller's account.Details can be accessed by Amazon Logistics liquidation.

South Korea Lotte Shopping will buy 30% of Hansen, South Korea

Lotte Shopping (Lotte Shopping) plans to acquire 30% of Hanssem(Hanson) through a private-equity firm in Gangnam, Seoul).A spokesman for Lotte Shopping said that Hanssem's Class 3C products, home appliances and furniture products will build a new product matrix for the Lotte Himart to enhance consumers' shopping experience.
Russian Economic Development Department: China-Russia e-commerce orders account for 70% of Russia's total cross-border e-commerce volume

Recently, director general of the Foreign Economic Development and Supervision Department of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, said that the number of e-commerce orders between Russia and China accounts for 70% of Russia's total cross-border e-commerce orders.In 2020, Russians placed more than 1 billion orders through the Internet, increasing from the number of overseas online stores to 250 million times, and China ranked first in the e-commerce trade with Russia.She also pointed out that experts predict that China's e-commerce will occupy more than 50% of the retail market size in 2021.It is worth mentioning that Ren Hongbin, Vice Minister of Commerce, said at a press conference recently that it will actively support the development of new forms of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce, overseas warehouse, market procurement and offshore trade.

General Administration of Customs: The import and export of China comprehensive bonded zone in the first August of this year increased by 26.8% year on year

From January to August 2021, the total import and export of China's Comprehensive Bonded Zone reached 35,300 yuan (RMB, the same below), up 26.8% year on year, or 3.1 percentage points higher than the national import and export (23.7%).The General Administration of Customs said that in recent years, the General Administration of Customs has continued to optimize the bonded supervision mode of the comprehensive bonded zone, optimize the business environment, cultivate new forms of foreign trade, promoted the high-level opening up and high-quality development of the comprehensive bonded zone under the new pattern of domestic and international double cycle development, and made remarkable progress in many fields.
Amazon represents 25.7% of the U. S. home goods online market share in 2020

The 2020 AOL Furniture Supplies Report showed that sales in the online market have increased 51.8% year over year over the last year.It is understood that among all the top 1,000 sellers and brands selling home goods, Amazon ranks first, and its online home goods sales account for 25.7% of the total AOL home goods market.

The eBay US station adjusts the peak season surcharge

The eBay US station announced yesterday, issued a notice about the U. S. Post (USPS), FedEx (FedEx), UPS Parcel (UPS) peak season surcharge update.The announcement shows that USPS will increase shipping rates between October 3 and October 26,2021 and will apply to any platform to purchase postage, but sellers will still be able to pay less than the USPS official by printing USPS postage using the eBay label.

Post time: Oct-07-2021