Analysis of the development trend of needle row mother connector after the increase of raw materials

Casting and casting connectors have been active in the middle and low-end market in China. With the continuous improvement of product quality in recent years, casting and casting connectors have already gradually jumped into the middle and high-end market.In China, the technical development trend of needle row mother connector is relatively perfect, so a large number of connector manufacturers in the purchase of Chinese connector companies, which is also counted as self-reliance.But even so, China's needle row mother connector company and the same industry in Asia market competition has never ended, today I will talk with you about the current market competition encountered what problems. Pin Headers, Idc Sockets and 2 pin connector should be noted.


Rare metal rose too much, the central air conditioning manufacturing raw material copper and plastic are skyrocketing, represents the raw material costs, market prices harm sales, not price profits, so organization Z near no gree air conditioning, although in June, with dividends, but five points of dividend fell, so recently for a period of time will continue to hit a new low.

In general, the market competition encountered by the connectors can be divided into two levels.

1. The place of substitutes

At this stage, the key substitute of the connector is terminal row, in China high-grade market from the association is not very big, but in the low grade market encountered fierce market competition, when the supplier encountered cost work pressure, they usually use the current price relatively cheap terminal row to replace the connector.

2. Corporate profits are being squeezed by suppliers and dealers.

Suppliers of connectors are mainly manufacturers of goods and mechanical equipment.Their markets are highly concentrated and highly standardized.Their operational capacity is declining in the current market economy.As a result, they usually lower prices throughout the procurement process at full transparency of information at this stage.However, key distributors for manufacturers of needle and drain connectors are distributors of raw materials such as aluminum, copper, silver, gold and rubber products.The market concentration degree and standardization degree of the seller's industrial chain are relatively high.Buyers are very large traders, goods are not very diversified, and the cost of converting sellers is relatively low.Forward integration is unlikely, and their information is very transparent.In general, the overall strength of the seller's negotiations is relatively low, which leads to a relatively small indoor space for corporate profits.

Now with the technical continuous upgrade, the connector also on the connector upstream and downstream industry chain, such as communication computer also has some consumer types of electronic equipment, with a relatively new industry, the connector manufacturers from manufacturing experience or manufacturing overall strength must be diligent, believe that in the future, the connector can follow the market and technical trends and design products to develop good goods, solve the low middle and downstream market, open up high-grade product series.

Post time: Jun-30-2022