At the end of the year, new foreign trade intensive introduction!These important December notices are closely related to your business!

   Ship company adjusts GRI from 1 December

The 14th Five-Year Plan for the High-quality Development of Foreign Trade was issued

On November 23, the Ministry of Commerce issued the 14th Five-Year Plan and Development Plan for High-quality Foreign Trade (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). Bicycle Reflectors, breadboard wires and wago 236 should be noted. The plan points out that the 14th Five-Year Plan period will be made to achieve the following goals:

Comprehensive strength in trade was further strengthened.The scale of trade in goods has stable advantages, stable international market share, the scale of imports continues to expand, and the number of foreign trade entities has increased steadily.The scale of trade in services grew steadily, with exports growing faster than the global average.

The level of coordinated innovation was further improved.Import and export, trade in goods and clothing trade 7, trade and two-way investment, trade and industrial development are more coordinated.The innovation vitality of trade models was fully released, and the digital level increased rapidly.Green trade is at the forefront of the green transformation.

The capacity of unimpeded circulation was further improved.The integration of domestic and foreign trade has improved significantly.The ability to operate smoothly in the foreign trade industrial and supply chains has been gradually strengthened.Trade channels are even more unimpeded.Domestic and international trade rules have been more closely linked.The support systems for law, logistics, payment and settlement have been improved.

Trade opening-up and cooperation were further deepened.Trade liberalization and facilitation reached a higher level, a network of high-standard free trade zones was steadily established, more multilateral, bilateral and regional economic and trade cooperation became closer, and stronger relations with global trade partners.

The trade security system was further improved.Imports of food, energy resources, key technologies and components are more diversified.The risk prevention and control systems such as trade friction response, export control, and trade remedies have been improved.

The plan points out that, looking forward to 2035, the high-quality development of foreign trade has risen to a new level.The trade structure has been more optimized, the import and exports have been more balanced, the innovation capacity has been significantly improved, positive progress has been made in green and low-carbon transformation, the capacity for security has been significantly improved, and new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition have been significantly enhanced.Trade liberalization and facilitation reached the global advanced level, maintained legality and compliance with global trade, and made more prominent contributions to global economic development and reform of the governance system.

Planning also put forward ten key tasks, respectively are: optimize the structure of goods trade, innovation development service trade, accelerate the development of new trade forms, improve the level of digital trade, build a green trade system, promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade, ensure the foreign trade industry chain smooth operation, deepen the "Belt and Road" trade smooth cooperation, strengthen the risk prevention and control system, create a good environment for development.
The Notice on Further Strengthening the Rescue Assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises was issued

On November 22, the General Office of the State Council issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Rescue Assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), which put forward policies and measures from nine aspects.

The circular makes it clear that financial support should be increased, local governments should be encouraged to arrange rescue funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, implement policies of discount interest and awards and subsidies for entrepreneurial guaranteed loans, and make good use of awards and subsidies for financing guarantee for small and micro enterprises.We will further promote tax and fee reduction, and small, medium and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises will delay the payment of some taxes and fees in the fourth quarter of 2021 according to regulations, study and introduce some continuation policies after the expiration of their policies, and continue to clean up and standardize enterprise-related fees.We will make flexible and precise use of a variety of financial policy tools, make good use of 300 billion yuan in small reloans, and increase credit loans. We will strengthen working capital support for loans to small and micro businesses seriously affected by COVID-19, flood disasters and increases in raw material prices.

"Notice" stressed that to promote to ease the pressure of rising costs, strengthen commodity monitoring and early warning, crack down on hoarding, price gouging illegal behavior, promote futures companies to provide risk management services for small and medium-sized enterprises, stable liner company in China's main export routes capacity supply, encourage liner companies to launch small and medium-sized enterprises line service.We will strengthen electricity use, implement electricity use in an orderly manner in an orderly manner, reasonably arrange electricity use at wrong peaks, ensure the electricity demand of small and medium-sized enterprises in key links of the industrial chain, and encourage local governments to provide phased preferential electricity use for small and micro enterprises where conditions permit.

Customs will no longer issue GSP certificates of origin for goods exported to EU member countries

The General Administration of Customs has issued a notice on the issuance of universal certificates of origin to countries like the EU, the UK, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine and Liechtenstein.

According to the People's Republic of China universal preferential system of the certificate of origin visa management measures, since December 1,2021, lost to the EU member states, Britain, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine and Liechtenstein has no longer give China GSP tariff preferential treatment countries of goods, customs no longer issue the GSP certificate of origin.Where the consignor of goods to the above-mentioned country needs a certificate of origin, he may apply for a non-preferential certificate of origin.
UK releases UKCA and UKNI compliance logo Chinese introduction guide

After Brexit, it will transition from using the EU CE logo to using the UK national compliance signs UKCA and UKNI, among which:

The UK UKCA product logo (England, Scotland and Wales), and is scheduled to take effect on 1 January 2023;

The Northern Ireland region will implement the UKNI product logo, which varies from the UKCA.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and UKAS jointly produced the Chinese version of UKCA, U K C A and UKNI logo introduction guide and publicity video, and specially contacted the China National Accreditation Commission (CNAS), hoping to assist in publicity, to facilitate China's qualification assessment institutions to carry out relevant business, to provide information for China's related products to the UK export.

Download the two Chinese guides, please pay attention to the WeChat official account "Focus Vision", and reply to the "UK" to obtain.
Vietnam has zero tariffs for imported parts used for domestic auto production

Vietnam reported on November 22 that the Vietnamese government has decided to extend the preferential tax policy for domestic producing and assembling cars to December 31,2027.By the end of 2027, imported parts for the production and assembly of domestic cars will enjoy a 0% tariff discount.

To be specific, enterprises with the automobile manufacturing and assembly qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and meet the spare parts, models, output, emissions, preferential consideration period, data and procedural conditions of the most favorable import rate, which import auto parts that cannot be produced enjoy zero tariff discount.
Indonesia implements safeguard measures for imported clothing and clothing accessories

On 17 November 2021, the WTO Safeguard Committee issued a notification of the safeguards submitted to it by the Indonesian delegation.In accordance with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance Regulation 142/PMK.010/2021,21 October 21,2021, Indonesia imposes a three-year safeguard tax (special tariff) on imported clothing and clothing accessories (Articles of Apparel and Clothing Accessories) from 12 November 2021, Head headdress and neck trim (the Headwear and Neckwear category, The developing countries with tax numbers of 6117.10.10.10,6117.10.90,6214.30.10.10,6214.30.90,6214.40.40.90,6214,6214. shall not exceed 3% and the total import does not exceed the amount of 9%.
Ghana has cancelled the 50% benchmark price policy for some imported products

According to the Ghana Net on November 15, the Ghana Bureau of Taxation has decided to cancel the 50% benchmark price policy for 32 categories of imports, which means that these imports will no longer enjoy preferential price treatment when customs declaration.These include locally Ghanaian goods, including vehicles, tile, aluminum products, cement and palm oil.

Ghana's Treasury believes the move will not only increase customs taxes, but also curb imports and help local manufacturing, but the Ghana Chamber of Commerce said the government's policy will destroy the local trade development, greatly push up prices and lower the living standards of low-income and the unemployed.

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