Attention | early orders hot in the history of rare!What signal is released?How do foreign trade enterprises deal with it?

At present, many people believe that after last Christmas, China's foreign trade enterprises have passed, coupled with the later New Year's Day and Spring Festival holiday factors, the first quarter of this year may not be hot exports.What is the actual situation?On the contrary, judging from the current situation, both coastal areas and inland provinces, both private and foreign enterprises, generally reflect the rapid growth of orders at the beginning of the year. Pcb Terminal Block, Mini Din Connector and Reflex Reflector should be noted.
Specifically, these orders have three major characteristics:

First, the regional wide distribution.Orders are sourced not only from Japan and South Korea, but also from ASEAN, Latin America and Africa.

2. Compared with before and after the epidemic, there are many long orders and many large orders, and there are some tentative small and medium-sized orders.

3. General trade and processing trade, especially cross-border trade, is extremely hot. At present, it seems that the order growth trend of cross-border e-commerce is obvious, and it is estimated that it will surpass the previous two in the future.
At the beginning of the New Year, the popularity of hot orders in history, what signal?Why do foreign trade enterprises hesitate in the face of such massive orders?The following points are indicated:

First of all, the global epidemic is still raging, different regions, epidemic control and economic recovery, good, such as the UAE, Singapore, India, economic recovery is still in a difficult infancy, but one thing is sure, regardless of epidemic resistance, economic recovery, all markets for consumer goods, electronic products, textiles, protective products, electromechanical products are difficult to meet the market needs, therefore, ultimately rely on the world's largest supplier —— China, because of the demand, Only China can meet the needs of all countries in terms of quantity, variety and delivery.However, when snowy orders flock to China, such large orders and long orders are optimistic about the results of China's epidemic prevention, and more optimistic about the relationship between domestic market demand and China after the epidemic.
Second, after Chinese foreign trade enterprises overcame the difficulties of rising raw materials prices, labor costs and shipping costs last year, Chinese enterprises have shifted their focus from satisfying supply to service. Chinese enterprises have strengthened product upgrading, strengthened the technological content of products, as well as pre-sale and after-sales services.At the same time, the global market is more and more recognizing the industrial chain and supply chain of Chinese products. In addition, China encourages and supports enterprises to accelerate the construction of overseas warehouses overseas, which makes cross-border e-commerce look like tigers to add wings and develop rapidly.
Third, the implementation of RCEP has driven the export of Southeast Asian countries to Europe and the United States, which will further activate the trade between the regions involved in RCEP, and the orders will also flow along with the implementation of RCEP.

To sum up, foreign trade enterprises should be happy in the face of this situation, but many enterprises are still skeptical in front of such a large number of orders, and the reason is understandable.First, facing the huge rise in global shipping costs and the long distance transportation caused by the truck driver parade, the enterprise can deliver on time; second, Although the current commodity raw material prices have fallen, the situation in Russia and Ukraine is not stable, the energy supply is not guaranteed, raw material prices are still many uncertain and unstable factors, enterprise import is difficult, although the domestic labor market has eased by various efforts, but the foreign trade processing in coastal areas is still difficult.
but, As a foreign trade enterprise should not avoid the above difficulties, In particular, various methods can be taken to solve it: first, for large orders can take "one factory general connection, multiple factory arrangement", In particular, some Shandong and Zhejiang foreign trade enterprises can take effective measures; Second, for long orders can grow long to short, integrated into zero, Delivery on schedule, respective accounting, For some longer-time orders, Considering the many variation factors during the period, Can let multiple factories to arrange, Each plant has extended the delivery time, To meet the timely production of the industrial chain, It can also meet the delivery arrangement of long orders; 3. Continue to strengthen cost accounting, To keep the RMB exchange rate stable within a certain range, Can't appreciate too quickly, To ensure that foreign trade enterprises can still make a gross profit after shortening the customs clearance and inspection time, Don't be like some enterprises as long as they can meet the production, Do it without a profit, Hard time through the difficult times, This is not good.
To sum up, in the face of such massive orders, foreign trade enterprises should take a variety of flexible methods, get orders, local enterprises still have some effective practices, in the current RCEP began to implement when one increase measures to complete the orders.

Finally, it should be seen that such massive orders in China are not available in all countries, but after the global epidemic, the economy will decrease. It is believed that Chinese foreign trade enterprises will seize the blessed opportunity to make China the world's largest supplier and the largest market.


Post time: Feb-25-2022