Cross-border e-commerce export land transport new artery

Ningbo Customs first batch of cross-border e-commerce export goods recently in Ningbo Customs post office customs site inspection and customs transfer procedures, take customs supervision vehicles to Guangxi land port, departure to Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. It is good opportunity for idc connectors, Pcb Terminal Block and bike reflectors.

The cross-border e-commerce exports a total of 486 orders, worth $55100, weighing 7.82 tons, mainly involving textiles, clothing, daily necessities and other commodities. This is Ningbo Customs after the opening of air, mail, maritime cross-border e-commerce export business fully support Ningbo cross-border e-commerce export business development another major measure.

It is understood that compared with other logistics methods, road transportation has the advantages of abundant transportation capacity, moderate cost and controllable time limit, especially the time consuming of internal and external door to door can be reduced by half than that of shipping channel, which is more attractive to cross-border e-commerce export enterprises facing Southeast Asian market. The opening and operation of cross-border e-commerce export business of road transportation not only fills the gap of road transportation logistics of cross-border e-commerce export at Ningbo port, but also enriches the cross-border e-commerce logistics system of “sea, land, air and mail “, and opens up a new artery of land transportation for ASEAN e-commerce export.

With the gradual landing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) in the future, this new land transportation channel will provide important support for our city’s cross-border e-commerce export enterprises to seize RCEP major dividends and open up the deep ploughing Southeast Asian market.

Post time: Jan-21-2021