Electrical and electronic

China and even the global manufacturing upgrading, the demand for industrial automation, increasing. All kinds of production enterprises, including terminal enterprises themselves are sparing no effort to promote the process of automation. The NC machining equipment replaces the electromechanical machining equipment, and the pure electric servo injection molding machine replaces the hydraulic servo injection molding machine and the hydraulic frequency conversion injection molding machine. Work in harsh environments is replaced by robots. A labor-intensive production line is replaced by an automated assembly line. The cutting-edge technology has moved into the digital factory phase, from order arrangement, material distribution, component production, assembly and manufacturing, packing, complete processing and operation by artificial intelligence. However, in order to realize industrial production automation, it needs the cooperation of all kinds of automation devices, and the connector products of Jguang provide sufficient guarantee for the reliable connection of these products. European connector products in servo drive controller, frequency converter, transformer, industrial I/O bus module, switching power supply, servo motor, relay module, photoelectric coupling conversion module, signal surge suppressor, industrial switch and other products have application experience can provide all kinds of customers in the field of industrial automation to meet the requirements of the connection scheme. Jguang’s goal is to continuously optimize connector products to provide high reliability, high cost-effective connector products for the development of industrial automation to make their own efforts.

Post time: May-18-2020