Electroplating method of pin header and female header

Ple roller plating is called roller electroplating process.This is a certain number of small parts placed in the special drum, in the rotating condition with intermittent conductivity of the parts surface deposition of a variety of metal composite materials or aluminum alloy profile coating, to ensure the surface safety prevention design decoration and a variety of multifunctional electroplating process production and processing mode.The whole extensive rolling process is like this: the pre-plating treatment of small parts are put into the drum, and the parts through their own interaction force is the negative conductor and equipment in the negative conductor in the drum, to ensure that the total current required for electroplating can be transmitted smoothly. Pcb Terminal Blocks, Round Reflectors and Mini Jumper should be noted.


The drum runs in a certain direction at a certain speed, and the parts roll and fall after rolling in the drum.Moreover, after the electric field action, the main metal ion is restored to a metal composite coating on the surface of the part.According to the thousands of holes in the small wall of the drum plate, the fresh solution outside the drum is constantly made up to the drum, and the old liquid in the drum and the harmful gas produced during the electroplating process also discharge the drum from the small hole.No matter which kind of product production and processing, the product quality control should be difficult, so the wire harness processing plant is the same, so how should the wire harness processing plant control the product quality?1. First, it is necessary to provide relevant vocational and technical training for production and processing employees. Each production line assigns corresponding professional technology for on-site guidance and solving problems, and also does a good job in taking preventive measures for rewarding the good and punishing the bad of the employees.2. We can set up a quality enterprise in the needle arrangement and packaging form. We must supervise every link of the wiring harness processing plant every day, and the needle arrangement production and processing manufacturers should take corresponding photos, and then reward and punish the good and the bad for the company for a week.3. Update the current production process at any time, and to continuously and accurately measure the construction time and production process of cable production and processing, and continue to make the current professional improvement and correction.

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