Focus on | exports to the US to welcome the positive! Biden announced that ports, express delivery, retailers turn on the seven-day, 24-hour uninterrupted mode!

Coping with the supply chain crisis  The holiday season is approaching, and the supply chain shortage continues to affect American consumers, Chinese Network reported.The Biden administration issued a plan Wednesday to require long Beach and Los Angeles ports, and zero and logistics companies such as FedEx, UPS, Walmart, Home Depot will extend freight operations to increase the supply of goods. Flat ribbon cable connectorsReflector Keyring and mini din connector should be noted.

7 Days 24 hours logistics uninterrupted

In his speech at the White House, Biden announced a seven-day, 24-hour, uninterrupted logistics measures working with ports, express delivery and retailers, the report said.He said the measure was negotiated after weeks and consensus.Biden stressed that the night period was crucial because there were fewer highway traffic at that time.Separately, Biden called on all private industries to cooperate to ease supply chain tensions and threatened to point corporate names that don't cooperate.Port of Los Angeles announced a seven-day run of 24 hours a day.Port, Long Beach, California, has already started taking the move in September.The two major ports account for about 40% of all imported containers.The Biden administration believes that getting ports to accelerate the processing of containers, extend freight railways and warehousing logistics is the fastest and most effective way to ease supply chain tensions.On the day of October 7,60 container ships were waiting for docking and unloading in the outer waters of Port Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.Before the outbreak, one container ship waiting was extremely rare.

Supply chain problems have affected the consumer side

According to the analysis, port operation delays include rebounding US consumer demand, backward freight rail systems, and inadequate numbers of dockworkers and truck drivers.These problems have also sent freight costs soaring.Rising transport costs also boosted prices, ultimately affecting American consumers.Some retail companies are encouraging consumers to buy gifts and goods for the holiday season in case of late shortages or shipping delays.In fact, the supply chain crisis has hit many aspects of the U. S., forcing production in some of its industries to stall.So much so that American companies predict that this phenomenon will continue until 2022, or will hinder the economic recovery in the post-epidemic era.For example, Caterpillar, one of the world's largest construction machinery producers, warned earlier this year that the company cannot meet market demand due to a global chip shortage.The auto and mobile phone industries are also plagued, as several car companies have announced plans to cut production, and Apple could cut its iPhone 13 production target by up to 10 million.The IMF has recently lowered its forecast for global and U. S. growth this year, indicating a slower than expected recovery, with estimates for the U. S. in 2021 falling by a full percentage point to 6%.The group noted that supply chain constraints were a key factor in the economic downgrade.

Post time: Oct-19-2021