G4 reboot: Fiona Nova and Kassem G talk show attack! , The new D&D series

Talk to the two new faces behind "Attack of the Show"! And the "Party Invitation" with the theme of Dungeons and Dragons.
New and old things: For the new G4 actors Fiona Nova and Kassem G, this week’s network restart means laughing with the original host Kevin Pereira and reviving the retro comedy atmosphere of "Attack of the Show"! But it also means that as a complete role-playing novice, holding the torch, bravely stepping into the D&D field.
The two stars will share screen time on the newly resurrected AOTS! As well as a brand new party invitation, this is the first game series of its kind in G4, allowing viewers to make a turn-based trip in the deep dark world of dungeons and dragons. Attack! For new (and returning) G4 audiences, the feeling of immediate comprehension is almost effortless: flagship variety shows have the incredible knack for launching pop culture welcome mats. But let new fans join D&D while keeping old-school RPG loyal players real? That is a completely different Demogorgon.
What better way to add fun to Dungeons and Dragons than comedy? This is the idea behind the "Party Invitation", the series aims to allow fans to invest in the player's weekly wealth (or misfortune) by pulling the stupid emotional nerves under the triumphs and sufferings that each roll of the dice brings. "The sound is very comedy - but it's like a comedy improvisation," said Fiona, who admits that she is a newbie to D&D just like Kassem.
"In essence, the difference of "Invitation to Party" is that it is the same heart; it is the same as [classic D&D] role playing, but we actually did more improvisation," she recently told SYFY WIRE explained. "The main content of Dungeons and Dragons is that there is always a plot; there is always a story around it. We kind of create and construct that story, and then immerse ourselves in it. I think the special thing about this thing is that we will Become immersive, especially in comedy and improvisation...We are very inclined towards comedy."
"We keep saying it's like whose line it is? I met Dungeons and Dragons," Qassim added. "To be honest, I don’t have much experience with Dungeons and Dragons. I think that’s part of the reason why I was asked to do at least the first season. My strength is impromptu comedy, so as a player, I’m learning how to Play D&D in real time. The goal of the show is to make the game easy to access!"
Both Fiona and Kassem have emerged in the online world of independent entertainment. Kassem’s YouTube used to be circulated with lively street clips and skits from Steam’s award-winning California On series as well as Going Deep and street music. As for Fiona, a Rooster Teeth alumnus, now she seems to appear almost anywhere you surf the Internet-well, the restart of G4 is only a very busy peak in 2021.
"A lot of things happen at the same time!" she said. "But with the launch of G4 and the sound in video games [the upcoming open-world adventure game The Gunk, she voices the protagonist Rani] and doing some things with Mark Hamill [just check this tweet], All this happened all at once. I am driving autonomously now!"
In the days before the Internet matured into a pop culture beast, the old G4 integrated all the independent spirit of the Internet with large-budget TV production. Qasim said that the new G4 has not lost any fan-oriented spirit in its revival in 2021. If anything, in fact, it is doubling down on its efforts to say "yes" to today's always-on frontier feelings.
"It's so funny, so surreal-and it's a bit busy now," he joked. "But it's like a kind of energy in a building. It reminds me of how we felt when we started the YouTube studio in the early 2010s... Talk-this is something on the show. Everyone is concerned about what they see Interested, this is too interesting for me."
He is talking about the new incarnation "Show Offense!", but the same atmosphere applies to his and Fiona's crossover role in "Party Invitation". "I am very excited about the D&D show," Fiona said. "It will be new; it will be fresh; it will be something that people have never seen before-I think people will like it."
Anyone who watched G4's first rebirth on November 16th will immediately (and nostalgic) feel the real chemistry behind the scenes, making an old-school series like AOTS! This is an exciting exercise to hold your breath from laughter. As if we need more persuasiveness, when the camera is not turning, these guys are almost exactly the same behind the scenes. Fiona mysteriously invites us to ask Kassem about a mysterious G4 team member codenamed "Team Cream".
"Oh, Team Cream," Qasim laughed. "I don't know if you are allowed to learn about The Cream Team, but... it involves three people: myself, Fiona and Kevin.
"Maybe once or twice a day, we send videos back and forth on TikTok, hoping to make each other either laugh... or shrink back in disgust-one or the other. It becomes a daily tradition... I may have to brag about my own The horn also said that I have the "creamiest" "Toks". She will not [tell you] because she is jealous and she failed!"
If we can be a fly on the wall of the new G4 studio, it is the kind of trash we imagined, and we will hear it 24/7. Then again, this is exactly the atmosphere that fans already felt when watching the re-release with the camera turned on. Catch Fiona Nova, Kassem G and other G4 geeks as the show's attack! , Party invitations and a complete re-release lineup to launch fresh geek goodness-of course, on registration-via cable, YouTube and Twitch.
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Post time: Nov-24-2021