High freight rates, port and other serious phenomena! Europe and the United States still hit the sea!

The first week after the Spring Festival, there is shipping good news from the European and American line. micro match connector, terminal block manufacturers and guardrail reflector field should be notice.

 The Asian-Nordic index rose 3.6 per cent from the previous week to $8455 per FEU,, up 145 per cent since early December and 428 per cent from the same period last year, according to the Baltic Freight Index (FBX) data.

 The Global Container Freight Composite Index Drewry this week rose 1.1 percent to $5,249.80 per FEU. SHANGHAI – Los Angeles spot rates rose 3% to $4,348 per FEU.

 NEW YORK – The cost of shipping rose 2% to $750 per FEU. SHANGHAI – The price of the deer rose 2 percent to $8,608 per FEU, from Los Angeles to Shanghai by 1 percent to $554 per FEU. Port and traffic congestion and chaos have peaked in Europe and the United States.

 Shipping costs soared and EU retailers faced shortages

 At present, some ports in Europe, including Felixstowe, Rotterdam and Antwerp, have appeared in the port of Cyprus, resulting in cargo accumulation and ship delay.

 Over the past four weeks, shipping costs from China to Europe have quadrupled due to tight shipping space. Affected by this, European household goods, toys and other industry retailers inventory are tight.

 Freightos survey of 900 small and medium-sized companies shows that 77% of companies face supply constraints. A IHS Markit survey showed that the supplier’s delivery time was extended, the highest since 1997. Tight supply has not only affected the retail end, but also the eurozone-wide manufacturers.

 The commission said:” in the current situation, many factors may lead to price increases, including the global staggered market demand fluctuations, port congestion and container shortage.” “We are in discussions with market participants to fully understand the current situation and consider the future direction.”

 North America’s congestion has intensified and bad weather has worsened

 Congestion in Los Angeles / Long Beach or spread across the West Coast, all major docks further deteriorated, and congestion in the two major docks in the West has set a record.

 As a result of the new crown epidemic, coastal labor productivity decreased, resulting in ship delays, port integrated facilities delay an average of 8 days. “Normally, before the import surge, we usually see 10 to 12 container ship berths a day at Port Los Angeles ,” Gene Seroka executive director said at a news conference. Today, we deal with an average of 15 container ships a day.”

 ”About 15% of the vessels currently heading to Los Angeles are directly moored. Eighty-five per cent of ships will be anchored and the average waiting time has been increasing. The anchoring time of the ship is about two and a half days from November last year, and the berthing time is 8 days until February.”

 Container terminals, freight companies, railways and warehouses are overloaded. For February, the port is expected to handle 730,000 teu, up 34 per cent from a year earlier. A port is expected to reach teu.775,000 in March according to LA’s Signal data ,140,425 teu of cargo will be unloaded at the port this week, up 86.41% from the same period last year. Next week’s forecast is 185 143 teu, next week’s teu.165 316

 Container liners are looking for alternative ports on the West Coast and transferring vessels, or changing port link order. The Northwest Harbour Alliance in Auckland and Tacoma Seattle has reported advanced negotiations with carriers on new services.

 At present, Auckland has 10 ships waiting; Savannah has reached 16 ships waiting, which is more stressful than 10 a week.

 As with other North American ports, the increase in the residence time of imported goods and the large stock of empty boxes continue to affect the turnover of New York docks due to the impact of heavy snow weather.

 Railway transport is also affected, and some node services are closed.

 Recent shipments of foreign trade, freight forwarders also please pay attention to observation.

Post time: Feb-26-2021