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India-Pakistan route important hub port of Kendra, India (Port of Kandla) has pointed out, Because of the sudden increase in the number of confirmed cases, All terminal operators at port candela have decided, Closing the dock Saturday, Sunday, Suspension of operations, Until further notice. In addition, Worried about an outbreak on a cargo ship, Many important transit ports, such as Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, have banned ships carrying Indian crews, So that many shipping enterprises face the pressure to adjust the crew arrangements. According to the International Chamber of Shipping, There are about 1.6 million crew members serving ocean ships worldwide, Of these ,240,000 are Indians. Considering that shipping carries 80 per cent of global trade in goods, International ship managers association president o’Neill described, Compared with the crew adjustment dilemma, The blockage of the Suez Canal waterway in March was “nothing “. Phoenix connectors, mini round shell connector and bicycle front reflector should be noted.

Shipping European ports now have unprecedented container congestion in late March, The delayed effect of the accidental blockage of the Suez Canal has been fermenting.

Currently, A steady stream of containers is pouring into European ports. Container xChange’s “container availability index “(CAx) shows, Europe’s three main ports —— Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg, Germany, are witnessing a flood of containers. In addition, Due to congestion in foreign ports, Disorder of logistics supply chain and reduced efficiency, causing large delays in container liner shipping, The quasi-shift rate has been reduced from more than 70 per cent to about 20 per cent, Container cargo stays at the terminal for up to two months, The phenomenon of container dumping is even more common. The number of cabinet dumps at major container ports continued to climb last month, affecting about 39 percent of shipments, according to new data from Project44, a prominent Chicago – based supply chain provider. Big ship companies raised charges

International shipping research and advisory agency Delhi released last week, As of May 6 th, The Global Container Composite Index (WCI) rose 9.8% Yolast week, Up to $ 5, 472. 33 per 40 ft. container, Above $ 489 from the previous week, Up 278.4% year on year, A record high for the WCI index since its launch in 2011. According to Delhi, 40 ft container rates rose across the line, Both the routes from Shanghai and to Shanghai have increased by varying degrees, Freight rates on the Shanghai – Los Angeles, Shanghai – Rotterdam, and Shanghai – New York routes rose by $ 808, $ 788, and $ 678, respectively. In addition, the shipping charge for Shanghai – Genoa’s 40 – foot container was increased by $ 264 to $ 8, 532. Analysts said capacity shortages could high demand into the third quarter. Herberrot announced the comprehensive rate rise surcharge (GRI) for East Asia to the United States and Canada from June 1. This cost applies to all types of containers like dry trunks, refrigerators, storage tanks, open tops, etc. The charge is $ 960 per box. $ 1200 per box. ffy raised GRI, to $ 1600 / box for Asian ports to US and Canada from June 1.  From May 22, freight charges for Wanhai shipping from China to Asia will be increased: USD 300/600/600 for 20′/40′/HQ. Please see here for specific notice: the major shipping companies to raise fees!

Post time: May-17-2021