IoThing digital IO board can handle up to 300V Arduino, Raspberry Pi and various other boards (crowdfunding)

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AlterStep's IoThing Digital is a digital I/O module with two high-power Omron G5Q-14 relays and two isolated AC or DC input channels based on Texas Instruments ISO1211, which can handle voltages up to 300 V.
The board also integrates a DC-DC converter and a mikroBUS socket, allowing it to be used with compatible MCU boards. The company also provides adapters for popular shapes such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit Feather, Teensy, etc.
The company provides RPi-to-mikroBUS adapters for connecting 40-pin Raspberry Pi GPIO headers and other interfaces, as well as adapters for Arduino, Adafruit Feather, Teensy, SparkFun, Particle, MikroElektronika and Raspberry Pi Pico MCU boards. The company also offers its own BOKRA board, which can be directly connected to the microBus connector.
None of these boards are open source hardware, but you can find PDF documents in a separate repository for IO boards and adapters on Github.
AlterStep just launched the IoThing Digital I/O module on Crowd Supply, with a financing target of US$2,500. I/O modules require US$40, adapters are US$9 each, and BOKRA mikroBUS compatible modules range from US$14 to US$22 depending on the model selected. Shipping costs in the United States have increased by $8, and shipping costs in other parts of the world have increased by $18, and supporters should expect the rewards to be delivered sometime in March 2022.
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I am currently researching and developing a circuit board with 24V output. Does anyone know that some Chinese domestic ICs are suitable for this work and have over-current, reverse polarity and over-temperature protection functions? Trying to make a circuit board with Chinese semiconductors. So far, I have been looking for suitable parts throughout the weekend, preferably with English data sheets, but okay...
We have such a PCB. 4 channels. But its production has not yet started (we plan to start in early 2022).

Post time: Dec-06-2021