Note! US Port congestion, Amazon Exopping, Back-end Cappie Reservation Limited / UPS/FEDEX Limited Delivery

According to May 25, the latest is updated on major North American ports and terminals as well as multimodal transport because a large number of ships are waiting for berths, please note that the dates of arrival / departure and docking are changing. Din rail terminal blocks, molex connector and reflectors safety should be noted.

The current situation is not optimistic:

1, dock congestion, the lifting time is extended, basically is after receiving a ISA a day can lift back a cabinet a day is very good, all the empty cars queue up into the dock, mentioned the cabinet car queue up out of the dock;

2, Los Angeles wharf operation efficiency decreased, the outer sea is still anchored by a large number of cargo ships;

3, Amazon warehouse

4: The Amazon platform cannot create labels

5: Amazon reservation limited (need to advance with Amazon for UPS FEDEX trucks)

Los Angeles / Long Beach Dier Update:
Due to the lack of space to dock, the time of change to COD and container movement is limited.

Customer is hereby urged to continue accelerating pick up and notify Customer of all COD requirements at least four working days before the ship begins operational.
Due to dock congestion, there are still ships operating at the exchange dock. If made OOG and overweight reservations should have been made on the dock but ultimately under the wrong dock or UP off dock.
Herberrot currently faces extremely limited options of single empty returns at most docks and is largely limited to double trading. Delays in local trucking have been significantly reduced and are expected to continue to improve next month.

Some markets are limited due to a significant surge in imports and severe shortage of drivers to estimated delivery time (Note: Delivery period is the time range to ensure truck capacity, not stay time):
Los Angeles, CA (12 days +*) - Long Beach, CA (12 days +*) - Atlanta, GA (15 days) - Charleston, SC (12 days) - Norfolk, VA (14 days) - Savannah, GA (15 days)
Baltimore, MD (10 days) - Boston, MA (7 days) – Buffalo, NY (7 days) - Charlotte, NC (8 days*) - Columbus, OH (7 days) - Dallas, TX (9 days) - Denver, CO (7 days*) - Houston, TX (7 days) - Jacksonville, FL (8 days) - Louisville, KY (10* days) - Miami/PT. Everglades, FL (7 days) - Philadelphia, PA (8 days) - Seattle, WA (10 days) - Tacoma, WA (10 days) - Salt Lake City, UT (7 days) - Memphis, TN (7 days*) - New York, NY (7 days*) - Portland, OR (8 days)
Birmingham, AL - Chicago, IL - Cincinnati, OH - Council Bluff, IA – Detroit, MI - El Paso, TX -Greensboro, NC - Greer, SC - Huntsville, AL - Indianapolis, IN - Laredo, TX - Minneapolis, MN - Oakland, CA - Pittsburgh, PA - Santa Teresa, NM - New Orleans, LA - Saint Louis, MO- Kansas City.

Post time: Jun-01-2021