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Things you should know about "processing trade banned commodities"

In 2020, in order to support the steady development of processing trade, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued a notice to adjust the catalogue of prohibited processing trade commodities specified in Announcement No. 90 of 2014. The announcement excluded the original catalog in line with national industrial policies, not high energy consumption, high pollution and products with high technical content, excluding 19910 commodity codes; at the same time, the prohibition of some commodities was adjusted. Recently, the customs has received a large number of social attention and public consultation on prohibited commodities in processing trade. We have compiled and summarized the highly concerned issues in order to better respond to our concerns. Car reflectors, D sub connectors and terminal connectors can check this news.

Q1: After the 2020 adjustment catalogue eliminated 19910 commodity codes, does it mean that the state has relaxed the management of prohibited commodities in processing trade?

This adjustment is based on the national industrial policy, excluding the products that do not belong to high energy consumption, high pollution and the products with high technical content, the purpose is to support the stable development of processing trade and strictly implement the relevant management requirements for the goods still in the catalog. It is worth noting that, The adjustment also involves the prohibition of some commodities, For example, added prohibited commodities listed in processing trade (example: 2906 under 299010 is adjusted from the original processing trade ban on export to prohibited import and export); Adjust prohibited export ban to prohibited import (example: waste magnesium bricks under 2530909910, fine wool of other animals under 51031090090, recycled fibers of cotton under 5202910000, Export export from the original processing trade to import from processing trade); Add the notes, Clear exclusion clause (Example: 2207100000,2207200010 is in the prohibited import and export category of processing trade, "Except for the production of medical supplies"), etc., Thus, 2020 catalog catalog is not a one-sided narrowing of the catalog, But the overall optimization and improvement.

Q2: Can listed in the processing trade prohibited commodity catalog also apply for processing trade manual or account book record?

For the commodities listed in the catalogue of commodities prohibited from processing trade, new processing trade manuals or account books shall not be set up from the date of implementation of the catalogue.

Can the manual or books be extended for new books or books included in the list of goods prohibited from processing trade?

The established processing trade manual shall be implemented within the validity period, and the network supervision (E account books) enterprises are allowed to be completed by June 30,2021. If the above-mentioned business is not completed after the expiration, it shall not be postponed, handled according to domestic sales, return or other provisions of processing trade.

Q4: Are the corner scraps included in the processing trade prohibition management?

The border materials and scrap materials produced by the bonded materials of processing trade enterprises that are listed in the catalogue of prohibited goods of processing trade shall not be included in the prohibited management of processing trade.
Q5: How does determine whether import and export goods are prohibited from processing trade?

First, the import and export goods are correctly classified according to the new royalties and then, and then check the latest processing trade prohibited category according to the commodity code and trade name, to determine whether there are consistent goods in the prohibited category, and pay attention to the prohibited methods.
Q6: Can still make import and prohibited commodities listed in processing trade and export trade?

The prohibition category of processing trade forbids the import and export of related commodities through processing trade, including the two trade methods of incoming processing and feed processing.

Commodities listed in the catalogue of processing trade and not included in the state prohibited import and export, enterprises may still carry out import and export business according to the general mode of trade.
Q7: In addition to the prohibited category catalogue, what are the national management requirements for the prohibited commodities in processing trade?

Those who, even if not separately listed in the Catalogue of Processing Trade Prohibition Commodities, shall be managed in accordance with the following conditions:

(1) Import seeds, seedlings, livestock, fertilizers, feed, additives, antibiotics, etc. for planting, breeding and other export products;

(2) Simulation of the production and export;

(3) Commodities belonging to the catalogue of prohibited import goods and prohibited export goods already issued by the State.
Q8: Are exceptions to goods listed in the processing trade ban catalog?

Management is not prohibited by processing trade under the following circumstances:

(1) Goods used for deep processing and transfer, or out of the area after substantive processing within the special customs supervision area;

(2) Goods used for deep processing or entering the special customs supervision area for substantive processing

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