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The Shenzhen Asian Pet Exhibition and other exhibitions were postponed

From August 27 to 31, nearly 130 new novel coronavirus positive cases have been reported in Shenzhen, and many places in Shenzhen have adjusted the epidemic prevention and control level, according to the Shenzhen Health Commission. Pcb Connectors, Din 41612 and Reflective Keyrings should be noted.

In view of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen, and the outbreak of multiple social cases in the city, according to the emergency notice requirements, 3D printing exhibition, ground materials exhibition, doors and Windows exhibition will be postponed by the Baoan District Bureau of Commerce of Shenzhen City on August 30,2022.

In addition, the Guangzhou Development Expo, the Guangzhou Food Expo and the American Fair held in Guangzhou in September have all been postponed.

sea transportation

proruption! The container ship terminal was unloaded, and the container fell and collapsed, seriously damaged

A super-large container ship with a capacity of 12,118 T E U ship, called EVER FOREVER, suffered serious damage when a container crashed while unloading its cargo at Taipei port.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the "EVER FOREVER" ship was unloading at the 17 suspension bridge in Taipei Port. Seven containers collapsed and the containers were twisted and stacked at the dock, seriously damaged.

The cause of the accident was initially identified as the operator's improper operation of the crane. The container dock said that the police took photos according to the regulations and left the relevant information as a case. Details of the incident remain to be clarified.

The "EVER FOREVER" container ship, built in 2020 with the Panama flag and carrying 12118TEU to serve the evergreen HTW trans-Pacific e-commerce route, was on a 1253-009W voyage at the time of the incident. Affiliated to Taipei, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Yantian and other domestic ports.

The ship was originally scheduled to dock at Chinese Taipei port from August 27-29, Xiamen port on August 30-31, then dock at Hong Kong port on September 1-2, Yantian port from September 2-4, and then sail to Los Angeles and Auckland port again.

Including ANL, APL, CMA CGM, COSCO SHIPPING, EVERGREEN, ONE, OOCL and other shipping companies.

Please pay attention to further information.

The new version of the Joint Rules of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade came into effect

The newly revised China Council for the Promotion of International Trade will take effect on the Sept, a spokesman said at a regular press conference on August 29.

In recent years, the relevant international rules, maritime maritime legal system and international shipping practices have changed a lot.

According to the introduction, the revision of the Beijing Computing Rules, the reconstruction and interpretation of the common sea damage system, absorbing the latest achievements and relevant regulations of the development of the international common sea damage system, to promote the specialization, standardization and internationalization of maritime services, the content is more concise, easy to understand, more conducive to the promotion and implementation.

It is hoped that more and more enterprises will use the revised calculation rules in the contracts related to foreign trade transportation and maritime insurance to effectively solve the possible maritime trade disputes and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.
South Sudan

South Sudan plans to raise the import tax on goods

South Sudan, August 25,2022-The State Taxation Bureau of South Sudan has begun increasing tariffs on imports, and the Commissioner and the Commissioner of Customs have issued two different notices this week confirming that they are implementing the measures.

Earlier, the State Taxation Administration had extended the decision scheduled to start collecting it on July 18 for another month to the end of August.

The decision was passed by the National Parliament and signed by President Will on 9 June 2022, in line with the Finance Act 2021 / 2022. The tax provides for 45 South Sudan pounds per $1 import value raised to 90 per $1 (the current exchange rate between the dollar is about 1:650).

The import tax came as the country's prices of goods and services rose sharply, with neighboring governments exempting taxes and fees for basic food goods.

Last month, the Kenyan government removed taxes and related costs on basic food products to reduce the high cost of living for citizens from a variety of economic factors.

The Surinamese government is exempted from import tariffs on solar power generation equipment

The Soviet government has decided to exempt 90 percent from import tariffs on solar power equipment in order to further popularize solar power equipment. The above exemption is valid for 12 months and applies to solar power equipment and accessories, but excluding energy storage batteries.

The Soviet government will introduce more and other support measures in the future, such as lifting import tariffs on electric vehicles. The government will release more relevant information in the near future.


Britain's two major trade unions are planning a joint strike

UK Inflation hit a record 40-year high. Unions have threatened a concerted strike in the coming months to ensure that workers struggling in the cost of living crisis receive pay increases that match the pace of inflation.

A series of proposals will be submitted to the British Trade Union Congress (TUC) in September, calling on the unions to work together to increase the impact of their strike action. The plan was supported by two major British unions, Unison and Unite.

It comes just days after the latest figures on the energy price cap confirmed that the average bill for this winter will reach £3,549 a year.

Inflation has also hit a 40-year high of 10.1 percent, and it is expected to soar to 13.3 percent in October when the energy bill takes effect.

At the same time, the Unison's motion points to a "low-wage crisis", calling for the British Workers' Congress (TUC) to jointly strike for a pay raise "at least in line with inflation".

Industry insiders fear that the strike could affect supply chain security during the Christmas shopping season.
African Union

Africa pushes the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) system to boost regional trade

Currently, African countries have different payment systems, making transactions more complicated and more expensive.

Launched jointly by the Export-Import Bank of Africa (Afreximbank) and the African Union, the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) aims to reduce transaction costs among African countries, with an estimated transaction cost savings of about US $5 billion a year.

MFS Africa, Africa's largest mobile payment platform, has also recently joined its PAPSS systems. MFS Africa already operates in 37 African countries and hopes to incorporate the 320 million mobile wallet ecosystem into the broader PAPSS platform.

MFS Africa partners include mobile networks such as MTN, Airtel and Orange, as well as remittance services such as MoneyGram, PayPal and World Remit.

PAPSS's CEO Mike Ogbalu said trade in Africa accounts for only about 16 percent. As a result, Africa needs a simpler and more cost-saving payment system to boost trading volume on the continent.

It is understood that the pilot phase of the PAPSS has been promoted in the "West African currency zone", including Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, the Gambia and Sierra Leone. With the success of the pilot, PAPSS is expected to be piloted in five other regions by 2023, signing contracts with various central banks by the end of 2024, and expanding to cover more commercial banks by the end of 2025.

The PAPSS has been started since 2016. The African Union (AU) said that PAPSS will be the main payment platform driving AfCFTA and become Africa's pointer payment system.

The chaos in the US in Sierra Leone is expected to ease

According to the media, the US Department of Transportation (United States Department of Transportation) has promoted an application plan to share supply chain information, and now, the number of companies participating in the initial program has doubled, easing the chaos in the US.

The program is a collaboration with trucking companies, shipping companies, wholesalers, retailers and retailers to develop a data application tool for port operators to facilitate users to obtain supply chain information at specific nodes and regions in real time.

The cargo Logistics Optimization Operations (FLOW) program began with 18 companies, including FedEx, UPS, C.H. Robinson, retailers Albertson and Target, and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as Duffy Shipping and Mediterranean Shipping companies. The plan, which will allow companies to share information to accelerate shipping speed and reduce related costs, has been expanded to 36 companies, including DHL, Maersk and Samsung.

There are several data show that the global supply chain chaos is easing, according to the international freight industry Freightos, 40 feet standard ark freight cost down about 45% from last fall highs, although the port of Los Angeles after a century the busiest in June, but since the beginning of the queue for the port of ships has reduced 75%, cargo air time is also reduced.

The New York Federal Reserve Bank (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)'s global Supply chain Pressure index showed a sharp 57 percent drop in July from its peak.

Italy plans to raise its energy excess profit tax again

According to the Italian Media ( on 30 August 2022, the Italian Minister of Labor said that in emergency energy situations, the government must take measures to assist households and businesses that cannot afford high energy costs; if necessary, expand the budget deficit and use extra-profitti) as a fiscal source, and the government should not rule out a revision of more than the current 25% rate, and should examine price controls and the potential decoupling of renewable energy prices from gas prices.

As global energy prices have soared, many European countries have imposed a "profiteering tax" on profitable energy companies to subsidize the "household bills" of soaring energy spending.

In Bulgaria, the UK, Romania, and Spain have all imposed new taxes on the energy industry since energy prices began to soar, according to the Economist.


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