The compact SilverStone power supply features an improved and safer 16-pin power connector for Nvidia GPUs, the Platinum-certified SFX-L unit delivering 1200W of power.

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This SilverStone may look small, but it packs some serious punch while delivering efficiency and quiet cooling.
SilverStone Technology introduces a new SFX-L power supply that can continuously deliver 1200W of power - the Extreme 1200R Platinum. The power supply has enough power to power the most power-hungry devices, such as the GeForce RTX 4090, one of the best graphics cards on the market.
The Extreme 1200R Platinum is SilverStone's highest rated SFX-L power supply, achieving the Cybenetics Platinum rating. Overall, Cybenetics' Platinum rating indicates energy efficiency of 89% to 91%. Promising 1200W continuous power rating at 50 degrees Celsius operating temperature, this compact power supply is suitable for 24/7 use and has power rails from 100A to 12V. The SFX-L Extreme 1200R Platinum features Japanese capacitors and all the protection features you'd expect from a source premium food.
It complies with the SFX12V 4.1 standard and the PCIe CEM 5 specification. SilverStone also comes standard with a 12V-2x6 power connector, providing a more reliable connection than the 12VHPWR standard to avoid burnout. This SFX-L power supply features a silent 120mm fan with fluid dynamic bearings.
As expected, this type of power supply has all the connectors the user needs. Here are the full specifications:
The Extreme 1200R Platinum comes with a five-year warranty. No price or release date was mentioned, but it will likely be available alongside the RTX 40 Super Series graphics cards. It's not too early as some are already moving to the new ATX standard while offering 12V-2x6 cables. FSP has been included in this connector standard for several months now, and Haiyun has its own way of reassuring users that 12V-2x6 is fine.
As small form factors become increasingly popular, even among flagship graphics cards, the Extreme 1200R Platinum will likely be aimed at compact yet powerful SFF builds.
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Post time: Feb-19-2024