The yuan continued to rise, but institutions forecast a return to 6.5! Argentina, Vietnam have new rules, etc. | foreign trade this week

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The yuan's central parity rate rose to 6.33

On February 17, the central parity rate of the yuan against the US dollar was set at 6.3321, up 142 basis points. PCB Screw Terminal Block, D-SUB Connector and Reflective Keychain should be noted.

Zhang Ming, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and deputy director of the National Laboratory of Finance and Development, believes that considering the RMB / CFETS basket index has been at a new high since December 2015, it is expected that the room for the effective RMB exchange rate to continue to appreciate in the future is limited.In the external environment of the Federal Reserve continuing to tighten monetary policy, the monetary policy differentiation between China and the United States will increase significantly, which may lead to the RMB rate rise to decline against the US dollar.

UBS's Office of the Investment Director of Wealth Management (CIO) said that although the dollar rose against the yuan at the end of January, the yuan remained stronger against the dollar.The yuan's trade-weighted exchange rate rally ended temporarily.When the Fed fully enters the policy tightening cycle, it is believed that the dollar will rebound."We still expect the dollar to rise further against the yuan as the Fed fully full tightening cycles and interest rate support for the renminbi weakens."UBS expects the renminbi to return to 6.5 by the middle of this year.


Make a preliminary anti-dumping cut on the metal protective net cover of the electric fan

On February 4th, 2022, Argentina's Ministry of Production and Development issued Announcement No.42 of 2022 in the Argentine Official Gazette, Electric fan metal shield from Chinese mainland and Taiwan China (Spanish: Rejillas metalicas de proteccion, de diametro superior a 400mm, de los tipos utilizados en ventiladores con motor electrico incorporado) Initial anti-dumping determination, Decided to impose a provisional anti-dumping tax:

An ad valorem tax of 73% was levied on the products involved in the Chinese mainland area, and 25% on the products involved in the Taiwan China area.The products involved are a metal protective net cover with a diameter greater than 400 mm for fans with a built-in motor. The NTU customs code is 8414.90.20. The announcement shall take effect from the date of promulgation and shall be valid for six months.

Modifying the of of for for goods label

The Government of Vietnam promulgated protocol No.111 / 2021 / ND-CP, supplemented and amended protocol No.43 / 2017 / ND-CP on the labeling of goods, which amended the origin of goods.

Article 15 of the Supplement and Amendment No.111 / 2021 / ND-CP is related to the origin of goods.

Specifically, the organization / natural person producing, exporting and importing determines and indicates the origin of the goods, ensures loyalty, correctness, and complies with the relevant regulations on the origin of Vietnam (goods including goods for import, export and goods produced in Vietnam), or the international commitments of Vietnam as a member country.(Organizations / natural persons who increase export goods with current regulations).Use the label of "Made in", "Made in", "producer", "origin", "Production", "Production", "...", plus the name of the production country / region, or indicate in accordance with the relevant regulations of the origin of goods.

If the origin of the goods cannot be confirmed in accordance with the above provisions, the location of the final manufacture of the goods shall be indicated.Use Assembled in Canned in Reference in Complete in Pack in Label in plus the final process country name.

The name of the country producing the goods or conducting the final process of the goods shall not be abbreviated.

In addition, No.111 / 2021 / ND-CP agreed for a supplementary amendment to article 12, Item 3-the name / address of the organization / natural person responsible for the goods.Specifically, the imported goods sold in Vietnam shall label the name and address of the manufacturer and importer / natural person.

The medical equipment made as domestic or imported shall indicate the name and address of the owner and the name and address of the owner of the free sales registration number.If the medical equipment is not given a free sales registration number, the import license shall indicate the name and address of its owner.

The Agreement No.111 / 2021 / ND-CP has entered into force on 15 February of this year.

Bicycle exports rose 71%

According to the statistics of Cambodia, Cambodian bicycle exports surged 71.32% a year in 2021, according to the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation.Cambodian bike makers supply $7.9 million worth of bikes to the local domestic market, up 57% a year.

Cycling became one of Cambodia's main exports, with other exports including clothing, travel supplies, footwear, electronic components and agricultural products.In addition to its previous clothing, shoes and travel supplies, Cambodia also produces other industrial and manufactured products, such as bicycles, electronic components and medical masks.

In addition, the Cambodian bicycle industry has been heavily exported to many European and American countries, and the main markets are the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, China, ASEAN countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, Slovenia and Canada.The bikes were assembled and exported at the Chai zhen Province Special Economic Zone bordering Vietnam.

At present, five Cambodian state-owned companies assemble and export bicycles: Evergrande Bicycle, Speedtech Industrial Co Ltd, Smart Tech Co., Ltd., A and J Ltd. and XDS Bicycle Co., Ltd.
China, New Zealand

The protocol to upgrade the FTA came into force on April 7

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of China and the New Zealand Ministry of Trade and Export Growth announced that they have completed the domestic approval procedures of the Protocol on Upgrading the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, which will come into effect on April 7.

China, the United Arab Emirates

Implement mutual recognition of the AEO system

The General Administration of Customs of China announced that since February 14, China and the UAE recognized the "certified operators" (AEO) system of the other customs was officially implemented, providing customs clearance convenience for goods imported from the other party's AEO enterprises.

When Chinese AEO enterprises export goods to the UAE, they need to inform the AEO code (10 enterprise codes registered and registered in Chinese Customs, such as AEOCN1234567890) of the UAE importer in accordance with the UAE Customs regulations, confirm the corporate identity of AEO of Chinese Customs and give relevant convenience measures.

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