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A list of new foreign trade regulations, which were launched on Sept

The new foreign trade regulations launched in September include:

Some ship companies have adjusted the GRI; from Sept

Change of starting time of delayed delay calculation in China;

Implementation of new policies on deepening the reform of cross-border trade facilitation;

Customs sampling inspection of 20 types of illegal inspection goods;

Saudi SASO IECEE/IECEx/RoHS Regulation Update;

Brazil cuts its import tax on video-play products again;

Format adjustment of China-Swiss certificate of origin;

Thailand has signed a mini-free trade agreement with Hainan Province;

Thailand introduces VAT on the electronic service platform;

The Eurasian Economic Union imposed an anti-dumping tax on Chinese aluminum meal kitchenware;

Europe, the United States and the Middle East exhibitions have recovered from September.

United States

Big retailers have turned on the boat charter mode

Following Amazon, Home Depot, Wal-mart, another major American retailer joined the shipping chain, North America's largest low-price discount chain, in a three-year package.Dollar Tree is one of the top five importers in the US, operates nearly 16,000 retail stores in the U. S. and Canada, and imports more than 180,000 TEU. a year

CEO Mike Witynski said freight forwarders have learned that shipping time from Shanghai to Chicago has more than doubled from 35 days to 73 days.While other executives estimate that the voyage is now 30 days longer than in previous years, due to port congestion, container handling delays and other factors.

Dollar Tree said it expects no substantial improvement in shipping capacity in 2022, and certainly not in the first half of next year.It may not be improved by 2023 for retail to return to a more normal transport model.

The United States has initially countersubsidized a handheld snowplow and its parts

On August 30,2021, the US Department of Commerce announced the affirmative countersubsidy determination of the handheld snowplow and its parts (Walk-behind Snow Throwers and Parts thereof) imported from China, with the preliminary ruling of Zhejiang Zhili Industrial Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Zhouli Industrial Co.) And the subsidy rate of other Chinese producers / exporters is 12.86%; Changzhou Globe Tools Co., Ltd.Co., Ltd., Nanjing Deshuo Industrial Co., Ltd (Nanjing Chevron Industry Co., Ltd.), Ningbo Daye Garden Equipment Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Daye Garden Machinery Co., Ltd.)、Ningbo Joyo Garden Tools Co., Ltd., Ningbo Smart Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Scojet Import & Export Trading), Shandong Taihua Industrial Co., Ltd. (TIYA International Co., Ltd.), Weima Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. (Weima Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.), Zhejiang Yatai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Yat Electrical Appliance Co.) The subsidy rate is all 130.44%, and the Commerce Department expects to make a final countersubsidy cut on January 10,2022.

The present case involves the United States coordinated tariff tax number 8430.20.0060.

Exemption all duties on oxygen equipment

Since mid-July, Algerian patients infected with the Delta variant strain have surged, running on medical resources, acute hypoxic gas and related equipment.The Algerian Department of Pharmacy issued a decision on 26 July 2021 to exempt all tariffs and taxes on all oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks, oxygen machines and all medical equipment for individuals to help hospitals and local manufacturers control the high demand for such equipment.

The policy will allow individuals, companies and NGOs to import oxygen concentr, oxygen tanks, oxygen makers and other equipment.

South Korea

Exports hit record highs in January to August

On September 1, the South Korea's Ministry of Industry Communications and Resources announced that its exports were $53.23 billion in August.It rose 34.9% from the same period last year, setting a new record for exports in previous years.South Korea's exports totaled $411.9 billion from January to August, up 27.6% from the same period last year.

South Korean exports have grown for 10 months and set a record of 20% for more than five consecutive months.South Korea's exports grew by more than 20% for five months, the first time in 11 years since April-August 2010.In addition, exports of 15 categories have achieved consecutive growth in three months, and exports of 15 categories have all reached double digits for the first time.

South Korea industry analysis believes that in semiconductor, petrochemical, ordinary machinery and other major export products have achieved good results, biological health, secondary battery, agriculture, aquatic products, food, cosmetics and other new consumer goods also set a new export record in August, traditional industry and chaoyang industry also presents a balanced growth trend.

The processed ready-to-clothing were exported to $2.5 billion

According to the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, ready-to-wear exports produced under the incoming processing (CMP) system reached a low of $2.5 billion between October 1 and June 30 in the current fiscal year 2020 / 21.Myanmar's ready-to-wear exports fell more than 20% over the past nine months following year-over-year amid lower EU demand, a sharp recession from more than $3 billion a year ago.

Myanmar manufacturing industry mainly focuses on ready-to-wear and textiles produced on incoming processing (CMP) basis, and has made important contributions to Myanmar GDP.Myanmar mainly exports CMP ready-to-wear clothing to Japan and European markets, and South Korea, China and the United States.The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Myanmar hard, and all CMP factories are only temporarily closed during the official public holidays.

In the first half of the year, China's textile and garment exports reached the highest historical level in the same period

According to the General Administration of Customs, from January to June 2021, textile and clothing exports totaled US $140.086 billion, up 11.90% year on year and 12.76% over 2019.In the first half of 2021, China's textile and garment exports reached the highest historical level in the same period.Among them, textile exports were US $68.558 billion, down 7.48% year on year, up 16.95% over 2019, and clothing exports were US $71.528 billion, up 40.02% year on year and 9.02% over 2019.

From the perspective of industrial chain, China's customs tax export number 63079000 textile products (including masks) declined rapidly, which is an important influencing factor for the decline of textile exports in the first half of this year.The export situation of clothing, home textile and other industries continues to improve, and the export of chemical commodities such as yarn, textile and spinning machinery in the industrial chain has also increased.

In the first half of the year, the export of home textile products increased by 19.99% year on year compared with 2019, with a good trend, among which the growth of the United States, the European Union, Japan, Russia and ASEAN was 53%, 48%, 14%, 58% and 58% respectively.From the perspective of subdivided product categories, the export is mainly the original category products. In addition to the attributes and consumer demand of home textile products themselves, it also benefits from the advantages of the industrial chain in China.

New regulations

The Measures for the Administration of Medical Device Registration and Filing of Medical Devices shall come into effect on October 1

Recently, the 11th Administration meeting of the State Administration for Market Regulation in 2021 deliberated and adopted the Measures for the Administration of Registration and Filing of Medical Devices and the Measures for the Administration of Registration and Filing of in vitro Diagnostic Reagents (hereinafter referred to as the two Measures), which will come into effect on October 1,2021.The revised Measures for the Administration of Registration and Filing of Medical Devices include 10 chapters, 124 articles, and the Measures for the Administration of Registration and Filing of in vitro Diagnostic Reagents include 10 chapters and 125 articles.

Please see the original announcement for the specific content.

Administrative Measures for Medical Device Registration and Filing:

Administrative measures for the registration and filing of in vitro diagnostic reagents:


The second batch of measures to stabilize foreign trade was released

On the basis of the regular implementation of the First List of Measures to stabilize Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment in 2021, Shenzhen Customs has now issued the Second Batch of Measures to stabilize Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment.Of particular note in particular is Article 4:

Simplify the export "ship change" operation.For the maritime export declaration form changing the actual means of transport, after the enterprise completes the modification of the manifest, the system will automatically modify the name of the declaration form, voyage and bill of lading to reduce the handling link of enterprises.

See the original announcement for more details:

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