UN report: e-commerce grew rapidly in 2020, Ali GMV ranked first in the world; China is still Vietnam’s largest import market

China remains Vietnam's largest import market

According to the General Administration of Customs of Vietnam, in April 2021, Vietnam's imports reached US $27 billion, down 5.1% month-on-month and up 43.5% year on year. Mini jumper, tact switch and guardrail reflector should be noted.

In the first four months, total imports totaled US $102.61 billion, up 30.8% year on year.Among them, domestic enterprises imported US $35.69 billion, up 24.8%; FDI enterprises imported US $66.92 billion, up 34.2%.

From the import market, China remains Vietnam's largest import market, with a cumulative imports of US $33.1 billion, up 47.8%.This was South Korea, US $16.9 billion, up 16.9%; ASEAN was third with $14.1 billion, up 48.2%, Japan was fourth with $7.2 billion, up 10.5%; the EU was fifth with $5.3 billion, up 16.6% and the US sixth with $5.1 billion, up 7.9%.

eBay will strengthen the dispute performance management policy between items and description

As a trading platform connecting global buyers and sellers, eBay has been asking sellers to do product quality control and manage buyers' purchase expectations, and trying to avoid returns and disputes when buyers receive goods that do not match their expectations.To further improve the buyer shopping experience, the eBay will strengthen the management of inconsistent dispute performance from May 10,2021.For the seller account of the existing item in the dispute management policy, eBay may take more stringent measures on the account, including but not limited to account restrictions and freezing.
Shopee updates the contraband classification standards and common types

Recently, many sellers have transported contraband in Shopee warehouses, customs and airports, resulting in many parcels being detained by the airport or customs, affecting the logistics limitation.In order to improve the shopping experience of buyers and avoid the logistics delay caused by transporting contraband, please self-check and remove the contraband.

Common contraband mainly includes: multi-functional tools (including knife), dog training launcher, igniter, live shell, dry branches (plants), simulation grenade key chain, bullet shape necklace accessories magnesium rod / bar, tiger, fire head, currency (including but not limited to counterfeit money, counterfeit money, ancient currency, copper money, imitation currency)

Amazon releases new automatic removal settings for logistics inventory

On May 6, Amazon officially announced that to help sellers manage the new automatic removal settings stored in the EU and the UK, the seller can choose from today.

1. enters a local return address for inventory stored in the UK and a separate local return address for stocks stored in EU countries.

2. enters a local return address for stocks stored in EU countries, and then chooses to discard stocks stored in the UK (and vice versa).

3. chose to discard inventory stored in the UK and other EU countries.

eBay Germany Station improves on "personalized" item attributes

To make it easier for sellers to sell more personalized on eBay, for items with "personalized" attributes, buyers can view the free text fields that sellers edit for this item in the future with the "Buy Now button".

In addition, buyers can also describe their needs in a free text box with up to 250 characters when shopping.eBay said it is working to make further improvements this year to optimize the purchase experience for personalized items and will update all new changes in real time.
In the first quarter of 2021, cross-border e-commerce online shopping increased by 44.2% year on year

May 6, according to the Yonhap News Agency reported, the South Korean Statistics Department released on May 6 showed that the total online shopping transactions increased by 26.4% year on year to 158,908 million won (about 914 yuan).In the first quarter, South-Korean cross-border e-commerce sales fell 23% year on year to 11.782 million won.In the same period, the online shopping amount of cross-border e-commerce increased by 44.2% year on year to 141.25 million won, setting the largest amount and increase since the relevant statistics began in 2014.By the country, online purchases from China increased by 223.6%.By merchandise, clothing and related products increased by 33.2%.

UN report: e-commerce grew rapidly in 2020, Ali GMV ranked first in the world

E-commerce grew sharply globally in 2020 in 2020 due to COVID-19 lockdowns, according to a report released by the UN Conference on Trade and Development.Under the latest estimates, global e-commerce sales jumped to $267,000 in 2019, up 4% from 2018.The report also noted that total merchandise transactions for the top 13 B2C e-commerce companies rose 20.5% in 2020, up from 17.9% in 2019.Alibaba is ranked first by GMV, with sales of $11,450, nearly twice the second Amazon at $5,750.
Dlocal, a Latin American cross-border payment platform, submitted to the US IPO

Dlocal, a Latin American cross-border payment platform, has filed for the US IPO, Caixin reported.dLocal is reported to close $150 million in funding recently.It led the round by Alkeon Capital and set the dLocal platform valuation at $5 billion.dLocal is a cross-border payment platform designed to handle large-scale online payments in emerging markets such as Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Post time: Oct-11-2021