Yantian Port epidemic impact has exceeded the Suez Canal stuck ship? The world’s 101 ports are being blocked!

"Up to now, the number of berths put into production in Yantian Port District has reached 9,8,000 ETA-7 daily, daily throughput of nearly 24,000 boxes, the overall operating capacity of the port terminal has been restored to 70%. Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, Yantian Port District is expected to basically resume its production level by the end of June." Terminal connectors, d sub connectors and trailer reflector should be noted.

China's epidemic prevention and control efficiency has been quite high. But considering that Yantian port is the world's fourth, the third largest port in China, bear more than 1 / 3 of Guangdong trade import and export, national trade to the US, a day container processing volume can reach 36000TEU, its slow down on the international logistics and global supply chain will have a significant impact, even some analysis believes that the South China port congestion impact may be more than the long cargo ship in March, blocking the Egyptian Suez Canal is more serious.

Shipping analyst and executive director Lars Jensen of Vespucci Maritime said the number of congested containers in the Yantian port has exceeded ——

The Suez Canal blockage affected more than 55,000 TEU traffic per day for six days, with a total number of 330,000 TEU. Yantian Port is unable to handle nearly 25,000 TEU per day, accumulating 357,000 TEU. in 14 days
According to Refinitiv's ship tracking data, as of 17 June, over 50 container vessels were forced to stop at sea outside Yantian Port to unload.

Between June 1 and June 15, in Yantian Port, 298 ships with a total capacity of more than 3 million boxes chose to skip the port in Shenzhen, and the number of ships jumping in the port increased by 300% a month.

The past two weeks, the average stay at Yantian Terminal outlets has increased from the average of 7 days to 14 days, up to 23.06 days on June 15.

After the cancellation of many routes, the lack of cabinet has also become a major problem in South China ports.

"Falling port productivity could pose serious air box challenges, with shippers with important orders and shippers planning for sea exports at ports in southern China in the next two weeks, or have to consider air transport," Australian transport worker Neolin warned

According to the latest information from ContainerxChange, the German container rental trading platform, Yantian Port, Shekou Port and Nanshan Port face the most serious cabinet shortage problem. Over the past five weeks, the empty cabinets imported from the Yantian port have decreased by 19%, while the Nanshan and Shekou ports have also decreased by 16% and 30%. Shipper shipping from these ports will face the dilemma of not waiting for empty cabinets, or containers to offer higher.

The founder of Jon Monroe Consulting, a Washington consulting agency, said the plug effect of Yantian, and the impact on other alternative ports, has affected trade than the blockage of the Suez Canal. "We can only tell our customers that this dilemma has no alternative solution," he said

The blockage of the Suez Canal affects more affects Asia-Europe trade, while Yantian Port mainly affects Sino-US trade.

"It is a huge, very busy port, where delays can lead to a chain reaction to supply chains worldwide," a Maersk Group manager said. He said goods sold by Wal-Mart and Home Depot, the first-and second-largest Home Depot, would be affected.

More than two-thirds of its over 16,000 members said, Jonathan Gold said the supply chain must delay 2-3 weeks. NRF has written to US President Joe Biden calling for him to act on the port's plight.

Not only that, but the deterioration of congestion in global ports is continuing, and Mr. Seaexplorer, a container transport platform, said that 304 ships waited for berths in front of ports around the world on June 18, with an estimated 101 ports around the world.

The number of container vessels waiting for berths in Singapore port increased by 37.5% in the past week, and to recover the delay in Yantian port, many shipping companies, including COSCO Shipping and ffy, have decided not to skip the Singapore port.

Laem Chabang in Thailand

Also to curb the development of the epidemic, Malaysia has been fully blocked from June 1 to 14. Although port cargo is allowed to operate, furniture factories have banned operations, leaving more than 2,000 export containers in the furniture industry stranded.

Korean ports are also facing a large backlog of cargo, with Busan, which has more than 70 percent of a lot of container throughput, leaving only the narrow lanes to pass.

The purchase season in the second half of the US is coming, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Internet Monday, Christmas... … The huge sales demand generated by these festivals will continue to add another fire to the already "hot" shipping market.

"There are no obstacles to preventing rising rates," said Simon Heaney, senior container research manager at Drewry, a professional maritime consulting agency. Demand is still soaring, and port productivity and equipment availability are deteriorating. Unless these conditions change, freight rates will rise." Drury did not change until the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Post time: Jun-25-2021