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Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are include screw terminal block, pluggable terminal block, feed through terminal block, spring terminal block, barrier terminal block and din rail terminal block.

We use quality stable raw materials. The new nylon 66 can be used in all colors, safety, environmental protection, easy molding, superior insulation ability.

The screw is zinc plated after hardening. The contact is made of high purity brass with nickel plated, which has good corrosion resistance. The protector is made of high quality phosphor copper with can meet the products force.

The spring is made of tin and phosphor bronze with high phosphorus and high tin. The surface is treated by double electroplating process of electroplated nickel and tin. It has high elasticity and ensures the stability of the connection.

Before the product is out of the factory, the products should be sampled by torque test, solder test, wire test and salt fog test. All the tests can be qualified before they leave the factory.