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Connector is one of our main range. Our popular connectors are as below: micro jack connector, pin header connector, female header connector , box header connector, idc socket connectorD-sub connector, Dust cover, mini jumper connector and flat cable. We design different quality items for different markets, for example, European and American market we suggest 0.8u’gold plating, Middle east market we suggest 0.4u gold plating. We also have 0.6u’gold plating for customer who need quality level between 0.4u’ and 0.8u’. We also have many pair connector, for example, idc socket can use with box header or shrouded header, pin header can use with mini jumper, D-sub connector can use with dust cover. When customers buy one of them, they don’t need go to other factory to find another one.

With rich expensive in connector, our products are all high quality which pass UL, CE and ROHS. We can do OEM and ODM for all of our customer and give good suggestion help customer to choose proper connectors.