Good news! Yantian Port operation is about to resume, the South Korean government to rescue shipping, and other | ‘ s foreign trade events this week

Yantian Port's overall operation has been resumed by nearly 70%

According to the Yantian International announcement on June 15:

The overall operating capacity of Yantian International has been restored to about 70% of the normal period. Pcb connector, phoenix contact terminal blocks and driveway reflectors should be noted.

The storage yard density decreased significantly to 70% and recovered to a better level;

From 00: 00 on June 15th, increase the number of booked trailers to 8,000 per day, which will be gradually further improved.

It is initially expected that the comprehensive recovery of production targets will be basically achieved in the last week of the end of June.


We will update the new regulations on the certificates of origin of export products to the UK

The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Notice No. 02 / 2021 regulating the issuance of certificates of origin for commodities involved in the Vietnam-UK Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA). The regulation became effective on 26 July 2021.

Under the UKVFTA Agreement, Vietnamese exporters can self-tify their certificate of origin for shipments under EUR 6000 worth of Vietnamese exports to the UK. For batches worth more than 6000 euros, enterprises should obtain a certificate of origin issued by authorities and organizations entrusted by Vietnam Ministry of Trade and Industry.

For shipments of less than 6000 euros exported to Vietnam, exporters are also granted self-certified product certificates of origin. For shipments worth over 6000 euros, only exporters meeting UK regulations can themselves certify the origin of the product.

Please pay attention to the Chinese foreign traders involved in the relevant business!


South Korea

The government has again assisted sea shipping

According to South Korea's Asia Daily reported on June 15, the Ministry of Industry and Trade Resources said that to expand its support to South Korean export enterprises, it plans to invest in temporary ships in the Americas from next month, increase four times a month, and set up special financing for logistics fees.

HMM(, a former modern merchant ship, South Korea's largest shipping company, has continued to invest 25 temporary ships on the West and eastern coast, Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia from last August. Now, SM Line has joined it.

On June 8, the Korean shipping company SM Line (SM Line) signed a "Business Agreement (MOU)" with the South Korean International Trade Association (KITA) in Seoul. Under the agreement, SM Line will provide special export ships for small and medium-sized enterprises in South Korea by the end of the year. Under the agreement, SMEs could apply for special export ships on the SM Line official website, with the first application deadline ending June 11.



We will lower import tariffs on 23 products

The Brazilian Economic Commission for Foreign Trade (Camex) Executive Management Committee (Gecex) issued Announcement No. 197 on June 7, reducing import tariffs on 23 products to ensure the normal supply of goods. The list includes agricultural raw materials, chemicals, printing inks, and contact lenses, among others. The above products will be subject to tariff quotas, with import tariff reduction to 0 or 2% for up to 365 days.



Suspension acceptance of dollar cash payment of import tariffs

Cuba's central bank announced on June 10 that Cuban banks and financial institutions will suspend accepting US dollar cash deposits from June 21, due to the U. S. economic blockade. Cuba's central bank said in a statement on the same day, the American economic blockade of Cuba for more than a year, international acceptance, exchange and processing of dollars from Cuba cash banks and financial institutions increasingly scarce, leading to Cuban international transactions is difficult to develop, the dollar use under extreme restrictions, the Cuban central bank therefore made the decision.

From June 21, natural and legal persons in Cuba and foreign countries will not be able to store dollar cash or make other transactions in dollar cash in Cuban banks and financial institutions, the statement said. The statement stressed that the measure is only for dollar cash and not for existing foreign exchange accounts. Cuba's existing foreign exchange accounts can continue to accept foreign exchange remittances and access to foreign currency cash other than US dollars.

As a result, Cuban customs suspended the acceptance of dollar cash for import tariffs and services at the border.


The United States

Cancel the ban on TikTok and WeChat

U. S. President Joe Biden revoked his Trump orders banning the download and use of TikTok and WeChat and plans to issue a broader administrative order for the application review of foreign operations, according to US media reports.

Post time: Jun-28-2021