US businesses have called for the abolition of “harmful tariffs” on China, the epidemic has hit several big ports, the cancellation of steel tax rebates, and other |’s foreign trade events this week


The epidemic slowed in many ports in Southeast Asia

Due to the outbreak, Bangladesh has hit the worst situation ever. —— More than 40,000 box imports have been stacked at the dock for nearly two weeks, more than 50,000 boxes outside the dock, and more than 20 ships have been waiting for more than a week. Pin header female, ribbon cable and db9 connector should be noted.

The Chittagong Port Authority has threatened to punish importers who do not pick up the goods within four days of unloading at the port terminal.In Chittagong, importers are not required to pay the rent for the storage container four days before the container is unloaded.The rent is charged on the fifth day.Under the Chittagong Work Regulations, when the number of containers in the yard increases, the authorities can impose punitive rents for overdue stranded containers.

Under current circumstances, Chinese exporters should be wary of Bangladeshi importers in Chittagong!

Vietnam is also facing such a difficult situation, where a third of the country is under an epidemic blockade, mainly in southern Vietnam.Plants were also suspended by lockdown, warehouses closed and imported goods unhandled, causing heavy congestion in southern Vietnam. Cat Lai, the largest port in Ho Chi Minh City, had more than 100,000 standard boxes and a station density of 85%.

Two major ports of Vietnam, Port Kelai Terminal and New Port Game International Terminal (TCIT), have been notified of the suspension of incoming containers from 5 August 2021.


Jinzhou port to Russia direct foreign trade route on the first voyage

On August 9, the "HUI FA" wheel, parked at the 207 berth of Jinzhou Port, slowly left Jinzhou Port, marking the first voyage of the direct foreign trade route of "Jinzhou Port-Russian Oriental Port".For the next four days, "the HUI FA" wheel will sail 1,200 nautical miles to the Russian Oriental port.Containers coming ashore at the eastern port will be sent to several European basic ports such as Hamburg, Germany.


China's exports increased by 19.3% year on year in July

On August 7, the General Administration of Customs released the import and export data in July, Chinese exports rose 19.3% year on year, the previous value was 32.2%; in RMB, exports increased 8.1% year on year, the previous value was 20.2%.

In terms of export products:

In the first seven months, China exported mechanical and electrical products of 6.88 trillion yuan, increasing by 25.5%, accounting for 59% of its total exports.Among them, automatic data processing equipment and its components of 879.28 billion yuan, increase of 14.2%, mobile phone 485.21 billion yuan, increase of 15.6%; automobile (including chassis) 114.08 billion yuan, increase of 102.5%.

During the same period, export labor-intensive products were RMB 2.09 trillion yuan, up 11.8%, accounting for 17.9%.Among them, clothing and clothing accessories RMB 570.320 billion, up 22.2%, textiles including masks RMB 519.89 billion, down 17.9%; plastic products RMB 346.04 billion, an increase of 27.1%.

In addition, exported steel was 43,051,000 tons, up by 30.9%; refined oil was 41.079,000 tons, up by 11.2%.

In terms of the export countries:

In the first seven months, ASEAN was my first trading partner, and China's exports to ASEAN were 1.72 trillion yuan, an increase of 23.6%;

The EU is my second largest trading partner, and China's exports to the EU are 1.79 trillion yuan, an increase of 22.2%;

The United States is my third largest trading partner, China exports to the United States of 1.96 trillion yuan, an increase of 25.9%;

Japan is my fourth largest trading partner, and China's exports to Japan are 604.98 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7%.

Thirty-three of America's most influential business groups are calling for cut tariffs on China

American chamber of commerce, the national federation of retailers, agricultural association, the semiconductor industry association and about 20 big American companies executives "business round table" such as Washington's most influential business groups, on August 5 local time letter to trade representative Dai Qi and finance minister Yellen, called on the Biden government to restart negotiations with China, and cut import tariffs, so as not to drag down the American economy.

Commercial groups said in the letter that China reached the first phase of 2020 trade agreement "important benchmark and commitment", including opening markets to American financial institutions, and reduce the US regulatory barriers to Chinese export agricultural products, the US government should also give priority to the interests of their workers, cancel the interests of the tariffs.

On the other hand, Gold, spokesman for the Free Trade American Alliance representing more than 100 trade associations, also issued a statement that in order to maximize American businesses, workers, farmers and manufacturers, Congress must work with the Biden administration to remove the "harmful tariffs" that are still being implemented.

Earlier, Treasury Secretary Boris Yellen had warned that the tariffs still being imposed had hurt US consumers.


The impact of the cancellation of the Chinese steel tax rebate on Malaysian imports

China adjusted the tariffs and tax rebates on some steel products on May 1 and August 1, respectively.

Malaysia imports many steel products from China, such as I-word steel, H steel, seamless casing, flat steel and stainless steel, and other steel export rebates in China, Malaysia imports China steel products are far cheaper than steel in other countries.The cancellation of the steel export tax rebate, coupled with the high global demand for steel products, is expected to take the opportunity to raise steel export prices, when the Malaysian steel importers will face another wave of rising steel prices.

Malaysian steel importers believe that the prices of 23 steel products in the August list were relatively 13% higher from previous prices.


Guangdong has issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

Recently, the 14th Five-Year Plan for High-quality Manufacturing Development in Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) was issued.

The Plan clarifies the four major positioning for high-quality manufacturing development in Guangdong, that is, strive to build an advanced manufacturing base with advanced level, an important manufacturing innovation gathering place, high-level opening and cooperation pioneer and international first-class manufacturing development environment highland.

The Plan also puts forward the main development goals of Guangdong's manufacturing industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period: by 2025, the overall strength of Guangdong's manufacturing industry will reach the world advanced level, cultivate and form a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters, and become a model of high-quality development of the global manufacturing industry.Looking forward to 2035, the position of a strong manufacturing province will be more consolidated, major breakthroughs were made in key and core technologies, and the comprehensive strength of the manufacturing industry has reached the leading level of the world manufacturing power, becoming the core area and main position of the global manufacturing industry.

Chongqing has issued a high-quality development plan for the manufacturing industry

Chongqing recently issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Chongqing High-quality Manufacturing Development (2021-2025)", proposing to accelerate the cultivation and building of internationally competitive industrial clusters and build a high-quality national advanced manufacturing center.

Planning is clear, by 2025, chongqing manufacturing high quality development trend further consolidate, further expand industrial scale, manufacturing proportion of GDP stable progress, advanced industrial base, industrial chain modernization level significantly improved, quality efficiency and innovation ability significantly, presents the prototype of world-class advanced manufacturing cluster.

In order to achieve the above goals, Chongqing will cultivate and build internationally competitive industrial clusters, including 1 trillion yuan level electronic information, 5 trillion yuan level cars, 3 trillion level equipment, 6 trillion yuan level materials, 5 trillion yuan level characteristic consumer goods, 100 trillion yuan level biomedicine and other industrial clusters.

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